Legal Collections by Experts, for Experts

At STA International, we recognize that law firms encounter unique challenges when it comes to collecting their outstanding accounts receivable. We understand the unique fiduciary relationship between a law firm and its clients, even former clients who have not paid for all the legal services provided to them. Our expertise in commercial-only and high-value debt aligns well with the legal industry’s needs.

Why Trust STA International with Your Law Firm’s Collections?

  • In-Depth Legal Understanding: We’re intimately familiar with the legal landscape. STA represents many of the largest law firms in America, based in many major cities. Through experience, we can navigate the special issues that arise in legal collections. We understand that most of our law firm clients are eager for settlements and may refuse to take legal enforcement measures against their former clients. Your collections will be handled by a collector with great experience in collecting debts for our law firm clients.
  • Discreet & Professional Approaches: Protecting your firm’s reputation is our utmost priority. Our collection methods are professional and tactful, maintaining the decorum befitting legal professionals.
  • Efficient Recovery Solutions: Customized strategies tailored for the legal sector ensure that we efficiently resolve outstanding balances without unnecessary delays.
  • Transparent Reporting: Using our web-based platform, you will benefit from real-time insights into our collection efforts and have access to in-depth analytics so that you are fully informed on a micro and macro basis as to our activity and results.
  • Ethics & Compliance First: Worth repeating, our commitment to ethical and lawful practices mirrors the integrity of your profession. Every action is taken with strict adherence to industry regulations.
  • Dedicated Account Managers: Each law firm is assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure consistent communication, understanding, and service.
  • Collaborative Approach: Working with STA guarantees that you are working with a financially reliable collection agency, one that has specialized in commercial collections for almost 70 years and is a long-time member of the most prestigious trade organizations for the commercial collections industry.

Secure Outstanding Payments with a Partner who Understands the Law.

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