US Debt Collection

Collecting overdue accounts is our mission, our focus, and our heritage. But in this day and age, it’s no longer enough for a US debt collection agency to simply collect the money that is due to you. We must also act with responsibility and professionalism to protect your reputation, educate your customers to respect your credit terms and make your customers aware that protracted default will harm their credit rating. As a commercial US debt collection agency, we know the critical impact every collection campaign has on an organization’s level of success. When your company carries the burden of debtors with an inability or refusal to pay, your day-to-day operations suffer. At STA International, we handle your US debt collection issues with the utmost urgency, and with proven methods that preserve your customer relationships while still providing top-notch results. Our collectors will overcome your debtor’s objections, remove frivolous disputes, seek admission of your debt, and secure payment. Finally – we’ll have the collected funds cleared and remitted to you without delay.

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What else can you expect from our services?

• National coverage – we have resources nationwide, ready to collect your debts
• Complete transparency of progress, via web-based reporting available 24/7
• An active network of independent attorneys in every major city and state
• Prompt remittance of collected funds
• Minimal need for legal recovery – we won’t recommend legal action unless we have first made every other effort to collect upon the debt
• Our fees are based on the principle that no collection means no commission – you only pay an agreed percentage of collected funds

STA International is one of a very select number of US debt collection agencies certified by the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). You can be assured that we always operate within their strict code of practice, and retain the urgency and persistence needed to collect your accounts.

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