International Debt Collection

In business today, boundaries and borders no longer exist as they once did – a majority of companies do some level of international trade. So, it would stand to reason that there would be many companies to choose from when seeking an international debt collection agency. However, there are actually very few high-quality international debt collection agencies available to support a creditor with foreign debtors. If you’re doing business worldwide, it’s critical to partner with an international collection agency to assist in collecting upon unpaid business debt.

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At STA International, we have established ourselves as a leading commercial collection agency with a strong focus on international debt collection. With decades of experience collecting worldwide, we boast a deep understanding of the complexities involved in recovering commercial debts across different regions. Our team specializes in international debt collection, successfully navigating the intricacies of debt collection in North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Experience & Expertise

International Debt CollectionWhat sets us apart is our commitment to ensuring effective communication and localized expertise. This allows us to bridge the communication barrier and gain a deep understanding of the local culture and legal nuances. By having an intimate familiarity with the laws and regulations of each country, we can effectively navigate the intricacies of debt collection in diverse international markets.

Our comprehensive approach to international debt collection ensures that the process remains consistent with our domestic US recoveries. We take the time to speak directly with decision-makers at the debtor’s organization, addressing any outstanding issues or disputes. Through amicable negotiation and resolution, we leverage our expertise to achieve timely payment.

In situations where additional action is necessary, we have an extensive network of trusted debt collection agencies and lawyers based in the debtor’s country or city. This strategic partnership allows us to escalate the collection process, increasing the speed of recovery while minimizing costs.

Overall, our experience and expertise in international debt collection, coupled with our localized approach, make us a trusted choice for businesses seeking efficient and successful commercial debt recovery on a global scale.

What other advantages do we have?

– With our own offices in Europe (London), the US (New York), and Mexico (Mexico City), we are seamlessly able to oversee our international commercial debt collection efforts in every country.

– As an international collection agency, we have debt collection partners in every major country on every continent.

– We are members of and active participants in these leading European debt collection organizations:

European Collectors Association (ECA): A best of breed network of European collection agencies that meets annually.
Credit Services Association (CSA): The only UK national association for companies active in the debt collection industry.
UK Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM): The largest recognized professional body in the world for the credit management community.

– Throughout the process, you’ll have secure access to our online reports on Your Debts Online, where you can follow our progress in real-time, 24/7.

Let our experienced, certified team of international collectors help improve your recovery rates worldwide.

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