7 Critical Reasons to Retain a Third Party Collection Agency

Why Retain a Third Party Debt Collection Agency For Your B2B Debt? Here Are 7 Critical Reasons To Consider.  Cash flow management is one of the most critical aspects of running a business. It’s how you pay your staff on time, pay your vendors, stock up on inventory, and secure funds for expansion into new […]


How to Choose a Debt Collection Agency

Thinking About Hiring a Debt Collection Agency For Your B2B Debt? Here Are 10 Critical Factors To Consider. Let’s face it: every business is going to come across unpaid receivables occasionally. Whether you’ve got a single thorn-in-your-side account or you’re looking at a column of past due invoices, partnering with a professional commercial debt collection […]


A Collection Agency’s Overview of the Debt Collection Litigation Process and Costs Within the USA

Regardless of size, revenue, or industry, most organizations have one unfortunate commonality: the need to enforce payment of debt. When this occurs, many businesses choose to retain the services of a collection agency to assist with the process. But sometimes collection efforts require legal assistance – which means the need for debt collection litigation. At […]